Yamaha make WSBK return in 2016

The plan is to build their machine into a competitive bike though 2015 before returning to the WSBK stage in 2016.

When they return it won't be on with a full factory supported team, instead they will use a model used successfully by other WSBK teams and give semi factory support to a number of privateer teams.

In an exclusive chat with MCN from Milan, European road race project manager Andrea Dosoli admitted they Yamaha plan on moving back to WSBK's and could back Milwaukee Yamaha.

"The ultimate goal is to move to World Superbikes, but we will only do it when we are ready; we do not want to forget what we are doing now with supporting our teams a t a local level. But this new structure [of factory supported teams] is working very well, and we want to push it to the next level."

"It is the case that we want to push this strategy, this new approach, and we'd rather have a team we can help support and push into World Superbikes, because if we're fully concentrating on that ourselves with our own team then we cannot continue to support the other teams."

"I would be more than happy if Milwaukee Yamaha could move to World Superbikes, because they have done a great job in British Superbikes. It is too early for us now to make a return, but we will do everything we can to support them next year if they want to move," he added.