Fantasy Racing: The Right Engine

This season Mercedes will power Mercedes, Williams, Lotus and Force India, an impressive array given that six of those drivers finished inside the top ten in the 2014 Championship.

However, as the better-placed drivers – and the more likely to succeed in 2015 – they are also the more expensive on the list.

Looking at the numbers, you have a total budget of "€100 million for four drivers, two constructors and one engine and one bonus race" but as drivers score throughout qualifying and the grand prix, spending your hard-earned money on the engine may not be the best choice. But, if that's the route you wish to take, Mercedes is the way to go.

Mercedes claimed 16 grand prix wins in 2014, including both Championship titles with Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg first and second in the Drivers' race. They also finished almost 300 points ahead of Renault-powered Red Bull Racing in the Constructors' standings.

As such Mercedes power is the engine of choice, just ask Lotus who have swapped from Renault to Mercedes ahead of this year's Championship.

If you can't afford the Merc units, though, it is a toss up between Ferrari and Renault as to which way to go.

While Ferrari showed impressive improvements in pre-season testing, having been allowed to upgrade their engine during the off-season, Renault have the better form from last season where they won three races with Daniel Ricciardo.

However, if you can afford the Mercedes engines, you are almost guaranteed an easy 20 points per grand prix.

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