Hayden: 200th race not special

Hayden's comments come prior to the Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas in Austin, Texas this weekend where he will be the only American rider on the grid. 

However, the 'Kentucky Kid' will become only the fourth rider and first American to reach the milestone after Valentino Rossi, Alex Barros and Lois Capirossi. 

"The truth is that I don't feel like I'm about to make it 200 Grands Prix," he told the official MotoGP website. "It is not the thing I am most proud of and it is not like winning something special, it's just a number.

"But what I am proud of is that I am still motivated, still hungry, and I still want to fight and to be fast. Some of those 200 races bring back better memories than others, but I guess that is normal."

Hayden said that the best moment of his career came when he snapped Valentino Rossi's streak of five consecutive MotoGP championships by winning the title himself in 2006. Fast forward nine years and Hayden still has as much respect for Rossi as he did back in the day. 

"We are both riders with long careers behind us," he said. "It is true that we are the oldest on the grid now but I doubt there are two younger riders out there who love motorcycles as much as Valentino and me. If there is one thing we have in common it is our passion for bikes."