Carey: F1 must capture people’s imagination

Determined to expand F1 further into America, Chase Carey says the first goal is to “capture people’s imagination”.

With Liberty Media buying Formula 1 at the start of this season there has been talk of as many as five North American races.

It is something that former supremo Bernie Ecclestone looked into, but was never able to pull off.

"I don't want to criticise Bernie, because he did many things very well," Carey, F1's new boss, told Auto Bild. "but I think he went too much for short-term deals. 

"If you want to go to New York, it takes time and good planning.

"You have to capture people's imagination. You don't do that with Phoenix, but in New York or Miami. 

"We can already see the first signs, as since we have increased our commitment to social media, we are already seeing more feedback from the U.S. There is a bigger fan base there than we thought."

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