Crutchlow wants Donington to replace ‘boring’ Silverstone

Cal Crutchlow has called for the British MotoGP to return to Donington Park after branding the current track at Silverstone as “boring”.

The British race takes place at Silverstone at the end of August after the grand prix has been running there since moving from Donington in 2010.

But LCR Honda’s Crutchlow believes Donington is a far better track for the riders and wants his home race to be restored there.

"Where would I prefer to be? Donington, because I think from the rider's perspective as well as a fan's perspective Silverstone is boring," said Crutchlow, who finished on the podium at Silverstone last year.

"I had a great grand prix [at Silverstone] last year, I had some fantastic rides there over my career but I'd probably want to do something different.

"It doesn't mean I don't like Silverstone, it doesn't mean I will not give 100 per cent there, anything like that. It just means that I'd like a change.

"If you can change or if there is a possibility [to change it] in my opinion I would like to do Donington, because it is something different.

"There is no elevation at Silverstone, it is boring. It is fast, but fast is not always great. And people can't get close, I love it when people can get close to the track and enjoy it."