Da Costa: Paris is one of the most technical tracks of the season

Antonio Felix da Costa has previewed the Paris track ahead of this weekend’s ePrix and the Portuguese driver believes all his colleagues will be on the receiving end of a sturdy test in the French capital.

Da Costa enjoyed a solid start to the season, finishing in the points in Hong Kong. However, since then, he and his Adretti team have been on the slide.

In Marrakesh he did not finish the race, in Buenos Aires he wound up 11th, in Mexico he did not finish and then last weekend in Monaco he again claimed 11th position.

While Da Costa is hopeful of turning around his form and is excited to compete this weekend, he is well aware of just how challenging the Paris track will be.

Good one from the weekend. Monaco ?? #AFC13

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“It’s one of the most technical tracks of the season and it’s very low grip in general,” he wrote for the Formula E official website.

“If it’s cold again like it was last year, it’s going to be hard for us to get the heat into the tyres and into that optimum area but [that] just adds to the challenge.

“Turn 1 is a pretty straight forward, 90-degree right hander. It’s pretty smooth but it’s hard to get the braking right and hit that apex. After that it gets really, really hard because you come into this complex where after Turn 1 you immediately have to come right, carry as much speed as possible into Turn 2 – ideally it’s only a small lift and no brake – and then through the blind Turn 3 and into the braking of Turn 4.

“Turn 4 and Turn 5 are like a chicane, so you need to compromise a little bit through the tight Turn 4 to carry as much speed as possible through Turn 5.

“Turn 6 is a really cool corner because it could be done flat but then you wouldn’t be in the right position for Turn 7, so you kind of have to compromise the minimum speed of Turn 6 a little bit to try to carry as much speed as possible through Turn 7. It’s the slowest corner of the whole track and important to have a really good exit because it’s the longest straight of the track after that.

“Turn 8 is one of the most difficult corners of this whole championship – a very bumpy braking area and turn in – and it’s very easy to make a mistake and hit the wall there – and also there is a surface change so the grip that you are used to all around the track is different there, it’s a little bit lower.

“Then, it’s the really cool Turn 9 and 10, which is like a high-speed chicane. It’s only a small lift, but again the more you lift the more you are prepared for Turn 11. This track is all about compromise and you really need to carry good speed through Turn 11, but again not too much because you’ll be on the wrong line for Turn 12, which is this kind of roundabout.

“It is just a long righthand corner for us. You really keep it tight the whole way. There are different types of surfaces there and the tighter line is for sure the one with more grip and you really need to keep it tight especially around the exit as well to then try to be flat through Turn 13.

“Turn 14 is a really cool corner as well, slightly uphill and it’s only a small lift onto the main straight. It’s really a high-speed corner for us and it’s a really cool corner in the Formula E car.

“And that’s a lap!”