Pedrosa returns for Le Mans

According to the blog for team sponsor Repsol, Pedrosa confirmed that he would return this weekend at Le Mans. 

"My recovery has gone well, I think I was right to be patient and take it slowly, and to respect the time frames that I needed," he said.

"Now, finally, I can tell you that I will be in Le Mans this weekend."

Pedrosa, 29, had surgery on April 3 due to a problem common among motorcycle racers when pressure builds up in the forearm and causes intense pain. 

This in turn makes riding a bike particularly difficult when the muscle becomes too big for the 'sack' that it sits in.

In his absence Pedrosa was preplaced by stand-in Hiroshi Aoyama, who teamed up with double world champion Marc Marquez in the US, Argentine and Spanish GP's.