Lorenzo staying grounded

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The Yamaha rider eased to victory in Sunday's French Grand Prix at Le Mans, coming home nearly four seconds ahead of team-mate Valentino Rossi in second place.

Two wins on the trot marks an incredible turnaround for Lorenzo after he was unable to register a podium finish in the opening three races of the campaign. While his season now appears to be back on track, the Spaniard certainly has no intentions of easing up. 

"Winning two races in a row after finishing outside of the podium in three Grands Prix is a big contrast," he said.

"These are much better results, but you have to keep your feet on the ground and not hesitate, because things can change very quickly and I can have bad results in the future."

The former World Champion admits he was a bit fortunate not to suffer from any tyre-wear issues after pushing his tyres to the limit early on.

"Before the race I was a little bit worried about the front tyre on the right side, because it was close in some corners," he explained.

"Sometimes that's worse in the race on Sunday, because it's hotter at two o'clock and you have more fuel in the tank and push more on braking. On the third or fourth lap it started closing, and I started worrying that I had an ever worsening tyre in the next laps, but luckily for us the tyre stayed more or less the same.

"It was close in the whole race, but not becoming worse. I was pushing the whole time and when the fuel tank ran low I pushed a little bit less. So this time we have been lucky. I know that other riders also struggled with the front. I could improve in some areas because I lose out in some corners."