Lorenzo: Dovi will be quicker than me

New Ducati rider Jorge Lorenzo has acknowledged that his teammate Andrea Dovizioso will in all likelihood have more pace than him at the beginning of the 2017 MotoGP season.

In all three of the pre-season tests, Dovizioso was quicker than three-time MotoGP champion Lorenzo, who has struggled to adapt to the Ducati having previously spent nine seasons with Yamaha.

Dovizioso, who joined Ducati in 2013, will have the edge come race day according to Lorenzo as he feels it will take him time to adapt and get a feel for his new ride going into this weekend's racing at Qatar.

In an interview carried by the Motorsport site, the 29-year-old Lorenzo admits due to the fact that his teammate knows the Ducati bike well he will have the edge.

"Dovi will probably be faster than me, as he was in pre-season testing," Lorenzo said.

"It wouldn't be unreasonable if it turns out that way, despite me being a five-time world champion [three titles in MotoGP, two in 250cc] and the strong effort Ducati made to hire me.

"Dovi's experience on this bike counts for a lot.

"This bike seems to be a bit complicated to understand.

"It's the opposite for Yamaha, which is an easier bike than a Moto2 or a 250cc machine. It has a lot of electronics; it handles in a sweeter way and it turns great, too.

"We're trying to become as quick riding the Ducati as we used to on the Yamaha."