Sauber boss seeks help for smaller teams

Sauber team principal Monisha Kaltenborn said that Formula One’s new owners are listening to calls for “fairer” rules on how teams win money and contribute to the decisionmaking process.

Sauber and Force India lodged a complaint with the European Union more than a year ago over how prize money and decision-making power is distributed among the teams.

Kaltenborn told a German radio station that moves toward a change are under way.

“I am confident that the EU is looking very closely at this because, in principle, the answer to the question of whether the competition is distorted or not is relatively simple,” Kaltenborn said. “We will continue to push this forward, and we think that something will happen.”

“Together with Force India, we have already started to discuss it with Liberty,” Kaltenborn said, referring to Liberty Media, the group that is in the process of taking over F1’s commercial rights.

“For the first time, we have an owner who comes from the media sector and someone who has made very successful investments in other areas. In some series, the smaller teams have certain rights that demonstrate the importance of these smaller teams, so I believe that a good dialogue will develop.”