Crutchlow: Lorenzo will be in trouble if he doesn’t turn it around

Cal Crutchlow believes that Jorge Lorenzo is showing signs of being bothered by his recent slump in form.

Yamaha’s reigning world champion Lorenzo was signed by Ducati earlier on this year to partner Andrea Dovizioso for the next two MotoGP seasons.

The Spaniard currently lies in third place in the standings and 66 points behind leader Marc Marquez after a poor run of form.

He recently fell out with Yamaha team-mate Valentino Rossi after the Italian overtook him at the San Marino Grand Prix and Crutchlow believes it could be a sign that his run of results is affecting him.

When asked whether he was amused by the conflict, Crutchlow said: “No, I laugh at the one who’s wrong and has got no idea what he’s on about – or is just being ridiculous.

“I’m not afraid to say it. He [Lorenzo] is complaining about a pass – has he never passed anybody hard before? Valentino never even passed him hard, it’s racing. If someone is passing you, you have to pick the bike up, or you stay on your side and get hit. It’s your choice.

“Jorge is wrong and I think it’s gotten to him a little bit cause he’s not very fast this weekend [at Aragon], not like normal, not like his usual self.

“I hope he manages to turn it around before he gets to February, March next year. Because if not, he’ll be really in trouble – and Ducati would’ve gambled wrong again, and I’ll be even smugger,” he joked.