Works team ‘makes sense’ for Renault

Renault has once again warned that they will in all likelihood stop supplying engines to teams in the future. 

Despite powering Red Bull to the constructors' championship from 2010 to 2013, the French manufacturer has struggled to produce a power-unit capable of matching Mercedes and Ferrari in 2015. 

Speaking at the London leg of the Formula E series, chief executive, Carlos Ghosn revealed that much will depend on the direction Formula 1 takes in the future.

“When you are a developer and seller of engines, you have the privilege to be forgotten when you win and to be highlighted when you lose,” he said.

"We are not discarding anything. We can be out. We can, less likely, continue to be only an engine developer. Or we can own a team. So all the options are open. And we are analysing all the different options for the future.”

Renault could decided to return to the sport as a manufacturer. They have competed with much success in the past, with Fernando Alonso winning the drivers' title in 2005 and 2006. Renault also secured the constructors' title in the same period, breaking a six-year Ferrari stranglehold. 

The team last raced in 2010.

Ghosn, however, reiterated that they would need to see what the future held for the sport before any concrete decisions were made. 

“It makes sense for us depending on what kind of governance we have in front of us. That’s why it’s taking some time,” said Ghosn. “We need to try and understand where the governance of Formula One goes before we decide what way we want to take. The governance of racing is extremely important.”