Camier: Things are improving

In a chat with, Camier said that the team initially made big necessary changes to the bike and the only thing that has stopped them getting better race results are small issues here and there. 

"At the start of the season we made massive improvements and quite quickly, too" said Camier. "This was very encouraging and, realistically, I didn't expect the bike to be as competitive as it was in the beginning. 

"We've had a few niggles that have basically stopped us from capitalising on the results that were within our reach. The frustrating thing is now that the problems are going to take a while to be fixed. 

"Maybe there is something we can do at some stage later this year but most likely we will get a final solution next year. Overall I'm happy with the progress we've made, but there's a lot of work that still needs to be done. 

"It's a new project for the team and their first 'real' season as last year it wasn't a full factory effort.

"It's never easy to fix a specific problem because the changes you make may lead to different issues. 

"The hardest part is to find the last bit of performance especially in comparison with other manufacturers and teams who have much more experience in the series," he added.

In the WSBK standings Camier is in 16th position with 43 points way behind Kawasaki's Jonathan Rea on 375 points at the top.