Crutchlow riding the wave

Cal Crutchlow is riding the wave of some decent form in MotoGP, where he has picked 66 points from the last four races.

As a result, the Brit has surged up to eighth place in the riders’ standings and is just ten points off sixth place.

His form has reminded him of the good times he spent on the Tech 3 Yamaha in 2013, though he feels he is riding even better now.

“I would say I’m actually a little better than 2013 because the bike I’m on is not as competitive,” the 30-year-old told

“It wasn’t very good to be honest, should have used the other one! I don’t know if it’s better, honestly we’re still in that moment of saying is it better, is it not?

“I went faster with the new hard tyre with the other one, and pace was exactly the same… I don’t know. Would I have done the same today on the other chassis? Probably. I would have just done it in a different area of the circuit.

“I think at the moment it’s still a bit difficult to know, we need another race to test some things.”

The Honda rider revealed that his form has followed a burst in confidence and used the contrasting results of Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi as examples.

“It comes with confidence doesn’t it?” he continued.

“Look at Lorenzo. His bike is as good as Valentino’s and he’s finished eighth. It’s a little bit about confidence. I don’t think that he’s suddenly lost it. Maybe in five races we won’t see him for ten seconds, he’ll be gone. It’s just the way it is at the time and you have to take advantage of it when you can. But 66 points in four races is nice.”