Mosley: Formula 1 must set a cost cap

Former president of the FIA Max Mosley has once again called on Formula 1 to establish a cost cap in order to improve the sport.

Mosley, speaking on Sky Sport’s F1 Midweek Report, believes that although the sport has a massive following worldwide, fans want to see competitive racing.

Once costs are under control, Moseley feels that everything needed to help make the sport more competitive, will fall into place.

“We know that Formula 1 has a great brand and it has a great following. But certain things are necessary, one of which is that it is competitive and you have racing which is not predictable. To get that, you must keep the costs under control and then all the rest follows," he said.

Moseley also wants to see changes to the current regulations that govern the sport. 

He believes that much of the current cost is generated by the large emphasis placed on both aerodynamic and engine performance. 

“That’s the fault of the regulations which put too much emphasis on aerodynamic performance and then if you put too much emphasis on engine performance they spend a fortune on engines,” said Mosley.

“In the end the only way to stop that is to draw a line and say ‘this is what you can spend’."

The Briton also believes that those in control of Formula 1 have to stand their ground and make these changes. Some teams, he feels, will resist however. 

“Someone from the top has to impose the show," he added.

“I know it can be enforced. What’s more difficult is to make the team which has mega money agree. If you have mega money, you have an interest in keeping the status quo."