Merc to consider engine development

In the interests of Formula 1, Mercedes will contemplate reviewing their position on engine development says Toto Wolff, motorsport boss at the manufacturer.

Both Renault and Honda are struggling to provide competitive power units in 2015, and with strict  FIA regulations in place, along with use of an engine token development system, both engine suppliers stand little chance of making major improvement for the year's remaining races.

Wolff feels that Mercedes could consent to certain restrictions been lifted, thus allowing Renault and Honda to play catch-up, specifically with next season in mind.

"With somebody like Honda, through all this struggle, we need to understand and find ways of enabling them to catch up without changing the DNA of Formula 1.

“But this is why we have always been reluctant about in-season development because it comes at a huge cost.

"Commercially it is not the most intelligent we can do, but if it is what the others need, or what they believe they need in order to catch up, then we will certainly consider that." 

Wolff, however, stressed that Mercedes would not agree to stop their own development to allow rivals to catch up. 

This, he says, has never happened before and should not happen at any point in the future. 

"Normally if you run a team, or you are an engine supplier, you need to go out there full blast and try to crush everybody. Then we need to have sympathy for the ones who are struggling with the new regulations. 

"It has never happened before that one was asked to stop development, or to be frozen, to allow the others to catch up. That is not the DNA of F1. This is a competition and we are all fighting out there to be the best. It's tiny little decisions and mistakes that might have a big effect in the future," added Wolff.