Sainz happy with less help off the line

Formula 1 rookie Carlos Sainz is looking forward to the introduction of restrictions on driver aids, particularly those that help with race starts.  

Sainz, who races for Toro Rosso, believes that it is important that a driver’s skill be brought to the fore, even at the start of a race.  

Speaking to, Sainz says the start should rely much more on the driver than on any computer software.  

“I know zero details about what they want to ban, but if they want the driver to play a bigger role when the lights go out in terms of managing torque maps and things like that then I think it’s a positive thing," he said.

“If it’s more and more driver dependant and the driver can make a difference with his feelings and his calls, it’s more than welcome."

He acknowledged however, that these changes will have to be discussed as current start procedures are very complex. 

“We have to make it a bit more simple. At the moment we have so many parameters [on the car]. It would be very difficult for the driver to choose one of a hundred [in order] to know how to do the best start," he continued.

“But we will see. First we need details from the FIA to see what they want to ban."

These changes will come into affect at the Belgian Grand Prix in August.