Pirelli preview the Hungarian GP

Despite swapping from one of the fastest to one of the slowest circuits, Paul Hembery is confident Pirelli are up to the Hungaroring challenge…

Paul Hembery, Pirelli motorsport director: "We go from Silverstone – one of the fastest and most flowing circuits on the F1 calendar – to the Hungaroring, which is among the slower circuits with a seemingly non-stop series of technical corners.

"It’s a real challenge for the driver, car, and tyres as they are always working hard: apart from the pit straight, there is no real point on the circuit where there is any respite. One of the biggest challenges is the weather: it can be extremely hot in Budapest in July, and obviously this has a significant effect on thermal degradation.

"In order to find the right balance between performance and durability, we’ve selected the medium and soft tyres, which is the same nomination as last year. This selection is soft enough to provide the mechanical grip needed to negotiate all the corners, yet hard enough to withstand the punishing weather conditions and track layout of the Hungaroring.

"This is not always the easiest circuit to overtake on, so tyre strategy can make a real difference."