Alonso tempted to race outside of F1

The Spaniard has been a vocal critic of the current state of F1 in which he feels that too much of the racing is governed by mechanical sensors, leaving drivers to manage their cars rather than race them.

While Alonso maintains that his switch to the troubled McLaren-Honda team has increased his enthusiasm rather than dampened it, he does concede that he is starting to consider racing opportunities outside of F1.

"It was more fun before but I don't think it is because we have more sensors or more information now," the 33-year-old explained.

"Before, we had some freedom in terms of testing and in terms of improving the car as well.

"You (could then) find your car that is not competitive in the first quarter of the season and then you have some solutions and maybe you end up in a competitive way.

"But now Mercedes will win all the races and Manor will be last in all the races, with more or less sensors or more or less input of driver or team."

Alonso and McLaren endured yet another tough day at the office on Saturday, with the former world champion pushing his MP4-30 back to the pits in searing heat after it stopped on track, only to be told that his efforts were for naught as the car had to make it back on its own steam.

Under this backdrop it would seem almost understandable if Alonso had fallen out of love with the sport due to his current plight, but having switched to McLaren from Ferrari prior to the 2015 campaign, he insists that working with McLaren has increased his interest rather than dampened it – but even this newfound enthusiasm has its limits.

"I love motorsport, all the categories," he said.

"But it's true Formula 1 is not exactly the same or as exciting as it was in the past, for me, to drive the cars just two or three seconds faster than a GP2 car.

"For me right now, it's just a huge motivation in a fantastic project that I'm in with McLaren-Honda.

"My first go-kart was a McLaren-Honda replica, and now I'm in the real McLaren-Honda.

"I'm enjoying this process of starting from zero and getting competitive.

"But with no testing, with these tyres, with these limitations, with the [21-race] calendar for next year, there is the temptation for other categories."