Ricciardo v Rosberg: Who was at fault?

The Australian had run-ins with both Mercedes drivers, first with Lewis Hamilton on lap 49 and then with Nico Rosberg on lap 64. 

Hamilton would later admit that he was at fault for the incident with Ricciardo's Red Bull, and it's the coming together with Rosberg that is of most interest.

It was a gusty move from Ricciardo to try and take Rosberg late on, there is no doubting that. The 26-year-old said after the race "I wore my heart on my sleeve and left everything I had on the track", and it showed. Powered on by the memory of his good friend, the late Jules Bianchi, Ricciardo was never going to settle for third and a last-gasp move was always on the cards.

With five laps to go that move came, with Ricciardo ducking down the inside heading into Turn 1. The Red Bull man then looked to out-brake Rosberg and go around the outside of the German. Rosberg moved across and there was contact between the pair as the Mercedes clipped the front wing of the Red Bull, resulting in a rear puncture for Rosberg, while Ricciardo required a new front wing.

Rosberg was livid after race, feeling that Ricciardo was at fault for the collision, while the Australian felt it was a clean racing move.

What the key players said of the incident:

Rosberg: "I assumed that it was my corner as I took the ideal line and he went straight on because he braked too late. But he still had his front wing there and didn't back out of it. But the FIA decided not to take any action so I guess no-one was at fault then."

Toto Wolff, Mercedes team principal: "Ricciardo's incident with Nico was questionable to me… From what I saw on the cameras it was more a Ricciardo mistake. But [FIA Race Director] Charlie [Whiting] decided it wasn't to be penalised and if Charlie decides that, that is it."

Ricciardo: “Basically I’ve come third before, I thought ‘we have a chance to win,’ so I went for it. I saw the pace was good, we were catching Seb and Nico and I was close — but not close enough — to Nico and obviously they’re not so slow on the straights. The laps were ticking down, I had to try something and I got a pretty good run out of the last corner and yeah, just said ‘I’m going for it this lap, no matter what,’ and I went for it. 

"To be honest, the move, it was, for sure, late but it was clean. Up until the apex it was fine. Obviously Nico saw me and left me room on the entry and then, just the exit, from what I recall he just came back across and just basically didn’t give me enough room. I don’t know if he thought he’d cleared me yet — but we made contact and that was when he earned a puncture and I got the front wing damage.”

Our view: If there is blame to be attributed it has to fall at Rosberg's door. Ricciardo was already straddling the edge of the track when Rosberg moved over, the Australian had nowhere else to go. Rosberg said that he "assumed" that it was his corner and that he could take the racing line, the only problem was that Ricciardo was already there. Correctly there were no penalties handed out for this one, it was a racing incident and there was minimal contact.

Relive the moment and decide for yourself…