Honda closing on 700 wins

Japanese manufacturers Honda are just two victories away from reaching the magical 700 mark across all classes of grand prix racing.

Should they reach 700 wins they will be the first manufacturer to do so. The next MotoGP event is at Indianapolis on August 9 and, with nine events remaining, the 700 total will likely be reached soon.

Honda's statistics are impressive having won 24% of all GP races since 1967. Their most successful year was in 1997, when they won 31 times.

The one venue where they have dominated over the years is the Assen Circuit with 58 wins.

The breakdown of Honda wins by class:
MotoGP – 109 
500cc – 156
350cc – 35
250cc – 207
Moto3 – 14
125cc – 164
50cc – 13.