Toro Rosso preview the Austrian GP

A favourite among the Toro Rosso drivers, Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz are hoping for a strong showing at the Austrian GP…

Daniil Kvyat: "The Red Bull Ring is a nice and very classic track. It's a high-speed dominant circuit, even though the first couple of corners are a bit slow – definitely Turn 2, which is the slowest corner of the circuit – but still require a lot of technique. The high-speed corners are also very interesting. Turn 5, for example, is a very fast downhill corner, it drops a lot, so you need to really feel the car and how much the downforce is changing while you're driving down that section. I'd call Turns 6 and 8 "brave corners", as it's all about how much speed you can carry through there and it definitely tests the driver's confidence! Another thing that comes to mind about Turn 8 is that it's quite bumpy and tricky to get right because it's difficult to tell where the car limit is there. The last corner also has quite a big drop in altitude, which is great. I think this track is pretty cool; it's one of those layouts that you'd like to see more often on the calendar."

Carlos Sainz: "I always look forward to racing at the Red Bull Ring, it's a track I enjoy. Turn 1 is a medium-speed fourth-gear corner and it's important to get a good exit out of here. Turn 2 is uphill and you can enjoy very good views of the Austrian mountains from up here! You then get to Turn 3, where it's easy to front-lock the tyres but is also a good overtaking point. The section between Turns 4 and 7 is all downhill and includes the only two left-hand corners of the track. You then arrive to Turn 8, also downhill and therefore easy to make a mistake. The entry to pits is tricky here. The ninth and final turn has a massive bump mid-corner, so it's crucial to avoid it to gain lap-time. The track has been fully resurfaced this year, so we will need to reset our references. I'd call it our second home Grand Prix because this is Red Bull's land!"

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