Pedrosa’s ankle not broken

MotoGP Honda rider Dani Pedrosa has not fractured his left ankle following a crash at Brno in Friday's send free practice session.

The injury will be evaluated again on Saturday and a decision on whether he will compete in this weekend's Czech GP will be made.

In the early stages of the second Brno session, Pedrosa crashed at Turn 14 and landed on his left foot hurting his ankle.

An oil leak from his front fork has been determined as the reason for the crash.

X-rays cleared any concerns about a break or fracture but Pedrosa says that whether he competes further or not depends on how badly the bruising is on Saturday morning.

"I had a problem with the front fork which I didn't realise until some oil hit the rear wheel as I was leaning over to the right into Turn 14," Pedrosa said.

"The bike threw me off quite violently and I took a big knock to my left foot.

"I went to Clinica Mobile for a check-up and they performed an x-ray on my left ankle.

"Thankfully they confirmed there was no break or fracture, just a heavy contusion so I will have some treatment tonight and see how the situation is in the morning," he added.