Jaguar close to revealing Formula E drivers

Jaguar’s Formula E team director James Barclay says the technological development happening in electric vehicles is moving at a rapid pace and Formula E is the ideal place to show off the technology.

Speaking to media in Turin at the FIA’s Sport Conference, Barclay said that Electrification in motorsport was becoming more dependable.

Jaguar will be part of Formula E's season three and Barclay said they would be revealing their two drivers shortly.

“The automotive world and sport go hand in hand,” said Barclay. “Electrification in motorsport proves to people that the technology can be about performance as well, which is a key brand value for Jaguar. Our brand has always been about performance, so showcasing this will be key. 

“Over the next five years, the rate of technological development in this area will be more than it has been in the last two decades.

“We are on the cusp of a very exciting time, and Formula E was launched at a perfect time to ride that wave,” he added.