Lorenzo has taken control of title race

Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo cannot be separated. The pair claim seats on the M1 Yamaha's, they both possess the same amount of Championship points, and heck, they even have the same pattern on their leathers.

So, why does it feel like Lorenzo is well in control of this year’s title race?

Perhaps it was the latter’s frightening domination of the Czech Grand Prix last weekend that left the overriding feeling that the Spaniard is on his way to a third MotoGP crown.

Or perhaps it was that Lorenzo was the only one throwing punches on Sunday while Rossi, beaten and bruised, didn’t quite hit the canvas but certainly looked a little dazed.

Rossi could do nothing but watch his team-mate disappear into the Brno hills as Lorenzo claimed the victory to leave the Yamaha pair together on 211 points at the top of the standings.

The Spaniard sits first after his emphatic win having claimed more victories than his counterpart this season and it is the first time the 28-year-old has led the Championship since leaving Qatar in 2013, a mental boost if there ever was one.

The way Lorenzo dominated the weekend in the Czech Republic spoke volumes for the way this season is currently heading unless Rossi can well, do something Rossi-like.

Yes, Lorenzo set a scorching lap record to secure pole and yes, he proved once again why he has been dubbed Mr Consistent during the course of his career, but it was perhaps the manner in which the Italian appeared powerless to the Spaniard’s abilities – something that will have sent alarm bells ringing in the 36-year-old’s camp for sure.

Lorenzo doesn’t care for fairy tale endings or upsetting the apple cart in MotoGP and he certainly won’t be handing over the title to Rossi on a silver platter.

If anything, Sunday’s showing proves that the Spaniard would enjoy nothing more than to destroy the hopes of thousands, if not millions, of bike racing fans all over the world in ensuring a tenth world title is left just out of the reach of Rossi’s stretching finger tips.

The Spaniard has claimed the upper hand since the return of MotoGP from the summer break and having finished ahead of Rossi twice, he has regained the momentum in a big way heading to Silverstone at the end of the month.

Although, the pair cannot be separated points wise, Lorenzo has the mental edge over Rossi after levelling the Championship race after the Italian held 13-point gap less than a month ago.

The Doctor may well be worried beneath his smiley exterior having lost his lead, but if there is anyone who has been there and done it all before it is Valentino Rossi.

For now, Lorenzo is in control of the 2015 MotoGP title race but expect a response from the Doctor as he plots his invasion into familiar territory with just nine battles to go.