Abt happy after successful Berlin ePrix

Following the successful hosting of the penultimate round of the Formula E season in Germany, Daniel Abt was thrilled.

The German hailed the superb organising skills of the Berlin organisers following the race on Saturday.

The event was organised in just three months after the original venue at Tempelhof became unavailable.

“I think it was not a Plan B for Formula E, it’s the new Plan A,” the 23-year-old told the official Formula E website.

“It was fantastic. Last year it was a good event in Tempelhof but it did not really feel like a proper street race – and I didn’t get such a feeling of racing in Berlin.

“Since we are here – it’s so crowded, it’s so busy – even in qualifying who you drove around you saw all the people standing and watching and I think it’s been a really good decision to change and a place we should come back to next year.”

Abt raced to his best ever finish in Berlin, claiming second on the podium. The win sees Abt move up the seventh in the driver’s championship.