Lorenzo annoyed about Rossi and Vinales towing

Jorge Lorenzo believes teammate Valentino Rossi and future Yamaha rider Maverick Viñales towed each other on several occasions during qualifying on Saturday.

The Spaniard found himself off the front row of the grid at one of his favourite tracks at Mugello, while Rossi is in pole position.

During qualifying, it appeared Rossi and Viñales were executing some sort of strategy and Lorenzo was not going to let it slide. 

"Some other riders are good to search or to wait for somebody, and it looks like in the case of Rossi and Viñales, it's not just a coincidence, it's some strategy that they have," the 29-year-old said in the press conference. 

When asked to clarify the remark, Lorenzo added: "Well if it's a coincidence, it's a coincidence which has been repeated five or six times. So to have repeated so many coincidences…but it could be. Who knows?"

Lorenzo fastest time was 0.378s off Rossi's pole lap. 

"I needed to start first, because I did not have so much time to be calm," he added.

"I needed to start first and try to go as fast as possible from the first corner to make the strategy of three tyres as we wanted to change the front tyre for the third run, and we did not have very much time. 

"I know I did not have any chance to do different. I would like to have a chance to avoid giving a tow to somebody, but I did not have time. It's my strategy, to be alone and to be as fast as possible."