Drivers survive horror Formula 3 crash

Three drivers were involved in a horrific accident on Saturday’s Formula 3 race in Austria and all lived to tell the tale.

Ryan Tveter went off the track at the Red Bull Ring and kicked up a cloud of sand in the process.

Zhi Chong Li came flying around on the unsighted racing line and crashed into the back of the stationary Tveter, sending himself airborne.

While Li was in the air, another car crashed into Tveter’s mangled wreck and careered into the tyres.

The Mirror reported that all three drivers are ok and in hopsptial: “A statement from the FIA revealed Li and Tveter were both transferred to the medical centre for treatment, before making their way to hospital in a helicopter and ambulance respectively.

“Li has been sent to hospital in Graz where he will be assessed for possible head and back injuries.”

Watch the horror unfold here…