Penalty point for Rossi

Valentino Rossi has been handed a penalty point following an incident with Yamaha MotoGP team-mate Jorge Lorenzo in San Marino Grand Prix qualifying on Saturday.

Though he still managed to snatch pole position, Lorenzo appeared visibly upset with Rossi at the end of the session, claiming he had been impeded on his third and final attempt at a flying lap.

And it was subsequently found that Rossi was "riding slowly close to the racing line, therefore disturbing another rider on a fast lap."

Despite seeming angry at first, Lorenzo had calmed down when discussing the incident later on.

"I said before that I thought I was faster, but finally I saw on the replay that I was one-tenth slower," he said.

"Because I made a mistake in the previous lap with the throttle in the last corner, maybe I could improve in this sector a little bit, but in the end, I could probably have equalled the lap time or improved very small.

"Vale was there, but he said sorry afterwards so it's OK. It happens."

If a rider accumulates four or more points over one year, he is handed a grid penalty, and it can add up to a race ban if a rider receives 10 points.

Rossi, whose best lap time of 1m 32.358s allowed him to clinch the final place on the front row, said: "I'm sorry, it was my mistake.

"I looked at the screen to see if I had time to do another lap.

"I saw that Jorge was behind me, but I thought that he was a little bit further [behind], so I tried to escape from the line but, unfortunately, I gave him some problems.

"I'm happy that he's on the pole position so nothing changed.

"It was a mistake, I already said sorry, but I didn't see him."