Venturi passes crucial crash test

Formula E team Venturi took an important step in the development of their season three car.

The VM200 FE-02 passed the stringent FIA crash test, where the car is thrown against a wall in order to test the breaking points of various parts.

Louis-Marie Blondel, the who is charge of the development of the season three cart at Venturi, revealed that passing the test allows the team to bring a new car with new, better technologies to the track next year.

"Without this approval from the FIA it was not possible to drive the car with these new upgrades," Blondel told

"So we are satisfied at Venturi Automobiles as this is the validation of our season three design and construction work. We can now bring our powertrain changes into the new architecture to perform better. It was a necessary step to finalize the development of the vehicle.

"During season three we would have been obliged to race with the season two car. This car is very good but the technological evolution is essential to be competitive. We are also in an innovation race with the other teams. If you make no progress you lose."

Venturi are currently sitting in sixth place in the Team Championship and they will be gunning for points at this weekend's Paris ePrix.