Marquez sacrifices acceleration for corner speed

Former world champion Marc Marquez has said that since he has gained more corner speed he is losing out on acceleration.

At a free practice before the Grand Prix on Sunday, Marquez was full a 1.1s faster than the nearest Honda RC213V engine behind him.

Compared to his team-mate Dani Pedrosa, the 23-year-old said that he has had to alter his driving style slightly because of the adjustments made to his bike.

"In acceleration when I compare data with Dani his is better," he told

"His stopping speed also. In the end you must gain in the corners when you lose in the acceleration. this circuit for example in the first gear corners, I try to brake, go wide and come back with speed,” said Marquez, speaking at the track.

"But to do these lines you must have a lot of confidence with the front because you must brake and go wide. When you go wide the track is dirty and you don’t know. I’m going always more wide but it’s related to the set-up also.

"It looks like there is less stopping in the first gear corners. You must use more a Yamaha style, you go more wide in the corners, going more wide and prepare well the exit. In these tight corners I was able to turn quicker but now I need to go wide and come back so I change a little but the riding style but still it is good at this circuit.

"The speed is more related to the exit of the corner. We are struggling but in the first gear corners, using this line and coming more back, we are losing less. This is one thing. Then in the change of directions the bike looks slightly better. Last year was maybe faster changing direction. This year is slower but you can more keep the speed. It’s strange. It’s the character of the bike."