Stoner weighs in on tyre change

Former double world champion Casey Stoner believes the riders are yet to adapt to the new Michelin tyres.

Following Bridgestone's withdrawal as MotoGP's official tyre supplier, Michelin stepped into the fray. 

The 2016 field has had testing opportunities with the new supplier but Stoner revealed that the inconsistant lap times at the opening race in Qatar were a strong indication that there are still some teething problems. 

"No-one has got the hang of the Michelin tyres yet – you can see it from the lap times," the Australian told

"They were very up and down; one lap would be pretty average and the next would be six tenths faster. That's a bit unique. 

"A lot of people made mistakes and ran wide too, but I think Michelin have shown how competitive they're going to be – and they beat my bloody lap record from 2008!

"It was also a fast race time even though they all kind of held each other up. That's impressive as far as Michelin's standards go, in my opinion. Everyone still just needs to come to grips with the fact that they will not perform in the same way as a Bridgestone and stop expecting them to. 

"Some people are complaining, 'I can't go into the corner the same way I could on the Bridgestones'. Okay, but they've got other benefits, so let's use those. 

"In time, they'll forget what a Bridgestone felt like and start adapting themselves to the Michelins and it seems like it's finally going that way. But as a spectator, the race was fantastic with a nice little battle there at the end."