Buemi bitter in defeat

After eventually finishing in second place in the inaugural Mexico City ePrix at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Sebastian Buemi has criticised the design of the track.

At the start of the 29th lap Buemi veered straight into eventual winner Jerome D’Ambrosio as they crossed the finish line.

Then in the 35th lap, Buemi would attempt to take second with a move around the outside into the first chicane. D’Ambrosio closed the door on the Frenchman, much to his disgust.

Instead of acknowledging his own mistakes, Buemi was quick to point the finger at the organisers and his fellow competitors.

“My idea was always to try and exit as quickly as possible from the final corner,” said Buemi after the race.

“The layout here is not very good, they take away the chances to overtake and they need to work on it for next year.

“I’m all for closing the door, that’s part of racing, but I had my nose alongside him and he shouldn’t have closed the door.

“I think today we were not quick enough to be honest.

“It’s a very strange track here, the altitude and the asphalt was hot, so I’m looking forward to going back to a normal city circuit.”

Despite, Buemi’s comments, the first Mexico City ePrix seems to have been a great success.

The 33,319-strong crowd appeared to have been thoroughly entertained by the 43 laps of racing as they stayed after the race and created an incredible podium ceremony in the heart of the stadium section. Disqualified race-winner Di Grassi admitted that it was “the craziest of my life.”