Rossi is Hamilton’s favourite

Aung Thu at Muangthong United

F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton revealed that Valentino Rossi is his favourite MotoGP rider and he can't wait to get on a bike.

The Mercedes driver even went as far as to say that MotoGP is more entertaining dueing his visit to the Yamaha garage.

"Valentino is incredible and is my favourite as he is for a lot of people," the 31-year-old Brit told

"I really need to try a MotoGP bike because MotoGP is so cool and more exciting to watch I would say and is closer racing.

"There are also a lot of other great riders and I definitely want to make it to more races this year as I've only been to one a season. 

"This year I will try and make it to more and I'm dying to get on the back of one at least. I just won't tell my team!"