Menghi targets Imola return

VFT Racing rider Fabio Menghi, who crashed during WSBK pre-season testing at Phillip Island breaking his pelvis, says he is hoping to be racing again at Imola on May 1.

Menghi remains in hospital in Melbourne after undergoing a delicate operation on his hip on Wednesday.

In an interview with, the Italian chatted over his health and his future with his team.

“The operation went perfectly,” said Menghi. “They have inserted two titanium plates and nine screws. Yesterday I sat up for the first time and the doctors were amazed that I could manage that already.

“In theory, according to them, I should be able to sit up after 10 days, but I managed it just two days after having the surgery. As for my recovery, they have talked about the possibility if it being of six weeks minimum until I can stand up, but we’ll see.

“Although the situation is unlucky, I am lucky in where I have been treated because here is one of the best hospitals in Australia and the doctors are very good. I have probably broken the acromioclavicular joint and I can hardly move my left shoulder.

“The doctors have told me to focus 100% on the hip at the moment, though, and if within a week I still feel this pain then I should go and have more tests. For now, it’s up to me to take over from the doctors.”

The Italian rider said that he was unlucky to have come off and been injured at the Phillip Island test.

“The last corner is very fast, you go through there at about 200 km/h and maybe even more, and I had to adjust the engine braking because temperatures had increased rapidly.

“The bike responded differently and all the Ducatis seemed to have had this same problem. It was a sudden thing. I entered the curve, and as I closed the throttle the rear tyre locked, so I lost the rear and the bike threw me off.

“I was unlucky that it happened at the fastest part of the corner, and I didn’t expect it. It was more like a tyre failure than anything else. It was a real bang.”

Menghi is hoping to be back for Imola in two months time and is excited about going home to Italy in the next few days.

“I think I’ll be back for Imola. Before would be almost crazy. Just the fact that I will return home on Saturday is an amazing thing.

“It all depends on me and until then we are considering running a replacement. There are several riders, including Italians, who are interested in racing, but we have to see who is the best for us and see if we are going to race with someone else.”