Crutchlow: Patience is key

Following the first round of testing, Honda’s Cal Crutchlow is confident his Honda team can close the gap to MotoGP leaders Yamaha.

“We just have to be patient, patience at the moment is one of the main things,” quipped the 30-year-old on the official MotoGP website.

“We know that a lot of the other bikes around us are quite ready compared to us. That’s why I say, while we have a long way to go at the moment, the potential is massive.”

Crutchlow, who finished eighth in the 2015 season, indicated that the electronics and the engine are not in-sync with each other.

“We need to make the electronics work with the engine,” added the Englishman.

“Even with last year’s engine, the new electronics were not working so well.

“I think the priorities will be to evaluate the engine and also try and dial these electronics in as all of us on the Honda were a long way off in Sepang.

“I think though that we gained some valuable information and they will have done their research since then, but they will be our two top priorities.”

Honda will continue testing at Phillip Island in Australia, which begins on Wednesday.