Espargaro: Suzuki gearbox seamless

Aleix Espargaro says the Suzuki MotoGP team’s new seamless shift gearbox felt “fantastic” at last week’s Sepang test.

Last year the lack of acceleration was seen as a key weakness for Suzuki due to their lack of a seamless shift gearbox used by the other MotoGP teams.

At Sepang last week, Espargaro got to test the new seamless transmission for the first time and was impressed by the difference it made.

“We still need to work on it, because we have a couple of issues, but the potential is so high,” said Espargaro. “The difference between [a seamless] and standard transmission is very big.”

“The feeling [with the seamless] is great, the first run out of the pits was fantastic.

“I think we are not using it as I want, it’s quite aggressive in some places, but Suzuki will bring [a new] seamless transmission sooner than we expected.

“At the moment we can only [shift] up, and we have to [shift down] really soon. But on the straights, we have much better acceleration.”

Espargaro said that the new upgraded Suzuki engine felt more powerful and should make a big difference in 2016.

“[The new engine is more powerful] everywhere and this is the important thing.”

“It’s not unbelievable, but it’s a bigger difference than, for example, Barcelona last year when we gained just one or two km/h of top speed.

“It has more power at the bottom and the top, which is good,” he added.