Vettel unhappy with Merc’s formation pace

Sebastian Vettel says Lewis Hamilton's pace on the formation laps in Russia was "ridiculous" as he was going "unreasonably slowly."

Although Hamilton undoubtedly had the better pace at Sochi on the Sunday it was his lack of it at certain times that frustrated Vettel.

The Ferrari driver feels that Hamilton unnecessarily backed up the field on the formation lap as he dropped well behind pole-sitter Nico Rosberg and then did it again at the second restart when he was leading.

"I just thought he was going unreasonably slowly," Vettel said ahead of the United States GP weekend.

"There was no reason to go that slow. If you want to pack up the field you can do it earlier and not in the very last bit.

"So I tried to tell them, 'look, go', because it's just ridiculous.

"You also need to be aware that if you stop that suddenly and aggressively, then five cars back it has a much different effect than when you are the car just behind.

"Also the restart was quite smelly and not the way to do it. There is a rule.

"For the formation lap I tried to show him there was no reason to go that slow.

"It was both of them that were going very slow, and at the restart it was something similar.

"So maybe they need to look into it again."