Man vs Machine F1 style

Red Bull have tested the power of their Formula 1 cars against a variety of different opponents, from drag racers to jet fighters, but they went for something a little different recently.

One wouldn’t think that any man (or men) would stand much chance against an F1 car armed with 1000bhp, but then again, rugby players aren’t just ordinary athletes.

And so, Daniel Ricciardo got behind the wheel of Sebastian Vettel’s 2012 World Championship-winning RB8 car and went head-to-head with English Premiership side Bath’s formidable 831kg pack at the club’s luxury training ground.

The result? See for yourself…

Having seen the Bath scrum hold their own against him and his machine, Ricciardo was suitably impressed.

“I respect them a lot as athletes,” Ricciardo told “They’re big, powerful, they get up from big hits and they know that’s part of it.”

He added: “I didn’t quite understand what they wanted to do at first, I was like, ‘How do you do that?”

“But obviously now that I’ve seen it, I think it’s really cool. I like things that are different and that no one’s ever done before, so it’s cool to be a part of that idea.”