Stoner commits to Ducati cause

Casey Stoner revealed that is fully committed to Ducati and hopes to help the team get back on the winning track.

The Bologna-based team has not been in the winner’s circle since Stoner left them in 2010, but the Australian is eager to change this.

“I’ll do whatever I can for Ducati…I’m going to be putting a lot of effort in,” the 30-year-old told

“I’ve always felt very sorry for Ducati in that way because the mentality changed from Ducati being extremely competitive and all of sudden people think it is not quite on that edge. For me that is just a mental thing.”

Stoner left the team at the end of the 2010 season after disagreements with some members. However, the Australian indicated that things are different now.

“The structure and everything at Ducati has completely changed,” added the two-time world champion.

“I’ve always had a big soft spot for Ducati, especially the MotoGP team. I’ve got a fantastic relationship with most of the guys and already know the majority of the mechanics.

“I’m not here to kick-start my career and really push through again, but what I’d like to do is make a difference for the riders that are there. Get them a little bit more comfortable and hopefully further towards the front, pushing for better results.

“Everybody has been putting the work in, last year they started very strong but we also know that [Qatar] track can be quite good for the Ducati – in the past anyway with me. So we’ll see how things go.

“Until we try the new bike and see where it is at the start of the season we don’t know what to expect yet. But some of last year’s results were impressive. With Andrea Iannone getting some more experience, I think Dovi [Andrea Dovizioso] could have had some better results, he got a little unlucky, crashing with the front a few times. If he starts strong, gets confident there is every chance they could be pushing very good, with the bike they have now.”