Agostini: No conspiracy against Rossi

Motorcycling great Giacomo Agostini has rubbished claims riders such as Marc Marquez are conspiring against Valentino Rossi to gift the MotoGP world championship to Jorge Lorenzo.

Last season Rossi suggested Marquez and Lorenzo worked together to block him at the Malaysian Grand Prix in October.

However, 15-time world champion Agostini insists the incident was merely accidental.

“There was no conspiracy against Rossi. Marquez doesn’t want Lorenzo to win and neither does Lorenzo want Marquez to win, and Pedrosa doesn’t want anyone else but him to win either,” Agostini told Spanish newspaper AS.

“But whoever thinks there was [a conspiracy] will keep on thinking that for the rest of their life, because there are a lot of people who think with their heart and not with their head. It’s very hard to make those people change their opinion.”

Agostini, 73, also agrees with the decision not to release Marquez’s data, and urges all involved to move on ahead of the coming season.

“They want to close the controversy, because if it continues to be open, that’s bad. Everybody saw what happened at Sepang and it wasn’t good, but you have to be on the bike to understand what happened,” he added.

“You have to understand the tension under which they race and the fact that they all want to win, but that only one can. It’s normal for things like this to happen.

“In my time there were also passes with contact, and when it happened to me I got angry, but that’s racing. They will all start with zero points in the standings and there will be nothing else.

“The fastest rider will win. I hope it’s like that. It’s very unlikely that a story like last year’s repeats itself.”