FIM block Marquez data release

FIM president Vito Ippolito has said that Marc Marquez’s data will not be released following the Spaniard’s collision with Valentino Rossi at Sepang.

The pair infamously clashed following a war of words from the Italian in which he accused Marquez of intentionally causing damage to his results in a bid for a tenth MotoGP crown.

But now FIM and Dorna have confirmed that they won’t be releasing the data with the case being closed in the eyes of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

“In MotoGP, the dispute was brought before the CAS and the case is now closed. It is true that at the end of the season the polemics around the Rossi-Marquez case swelled to unprecedented levels,” Ippolito said.

“For that reason, we asked all the people involved, including the teams, to refrain from engaging in controversy about what happened in Sepang.

“During the last competition in Valencia, team Honda informed us that they had all the telemetry relating to the incident. Now the data are in our hands, and Honda and the FIM have decided together not to release them so as not to fuel further polemics.”

Honda team boss Livio Suppo also confirmed the FIM’s decision not to release the data but claimed that the choice was out of HRC’s hands.

“This time it is not our choice [not to show the data], it is FIM and Dorna asking us to not put more fuel on the fire. We respect their ruling in this sport and so we accept their request,” said HRC team principal Livio Suppo.

“As we have said, sooner or later we would like to show this data. We said when we think it is appropriate. Since last time we spoke something even more happened [between Rossi and Marquez], which is very sad for us because I personally cannot believe how people do not believe that Marc was desperately trying to win that race.”