Peterhansel not getting ahead of himself

While Stephane Peterhansel is ahead of the rest of the competitors in his class at the Dakar Rally, he is determined not to get ahead of himself as the grueling event approaches it’s conclusion.

Peterhansel lost just over eight minutes to Nasser Al-Attiyah on Thursday but still holds a healthy 52-minute lead with only two stages remaining.

Despite his clear advantage and obvious status as the Rally’s favorite, the Frenchman is staying in the moment.

“If you have 10 minutes, two minutes or one hour [lead] and you have a big technical problem, then you’re stopped, and it’s finished for the overall victory. It’s never over. I’ve had some good experiences like that, but also some bad experiences,” he said.

One only needs to go back to Wednesday’s stage where Carlos Sainz’s Rally was ended due to a gearbox failure to ascertain an idea of how quickly things can change at the Dakar.