Coma promises Dakar Rally will get tougher

Dakar Rally's sporting director Marc Coma insists that the event will increase in difficulty as the stages pass. 

In the face of a number of competitors' bother that the completed routes of this year's Dakar Rally can be better compared to traditional rally stages rather than rally-raid runs, Coma has publicly reassured everyone that the second week will have more navigational challenges that what has been seen thus far. 

"The rally will change completely in the second week and it will be very hard," the former Dakar champion told 

"It's gotten tougher as the days have passed and that will continue in week two," he went on. 

"I think we have to wait until the end of the rally to judge, right now it would be unfair. We need the full picture of the rally and I believe drivers will find navigation difficult [in the coming stages]," he concluded. 

Sunday was the Rally's first rest day. Monday will mark the eighth stage of the event and will see competitors race from Salto to Belen.