Marchionne: Expect ‘phenomenal’ Kimi in 2016

Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne says he has seen a new Kimi Raikkonen emerge this year and is expecting a "phenomenal" 2016 from the F1 driver.

At a pre-Christmas news conference at Ferrari's Maranello headquarters, Marchionne said that he expected big things from the 2007 World Champion next season.. 

"If I can give you some encouraging information, it's that I have seen a huge change in Kimi during the season," said Marchionne.

"We were talking with some of our colleagues over the past three or four days, and we are beginning to look at a different Kimi."

Marchionne added that he felt that Kimi was more settled in his private life after becoming a new dad recently and that could only make him more competitive.

The Ferrari boss compared Raikkonen to a movie whose second half was better than the first and was expecting big things from the Finn in 2016.

"It happened to Seb (Vettel). He has had a phenomenal year in his first year and I am expecting that Kimi will rise up to the challenge and have a phenomenal season in 2016," he added.