Jaguar: Williams key to our success

Jaguar says its partnership with Williams is a key factor that will help determine their success as they prepare to return to Formula E next season.

Williams' managing director Craig Wilson is set to become the Formula E team's race director, while Williams will also aid research and development for Jaguar's powertrain.

"We have had a long-term partnership with WAE so from a technical perspective, both supporting R&D and also our team operations, we'll be working with bringing expertise from Williams," Jaguar team director James Barclay told Autosport.

"Building the foundation of a successful team has been key for us and a partner like Williams is key to that.

"The benefit we have is a partner we already have that working understanding with."

Jaguar Land Rover director of group engineering Nick Rogers reckons the two companies' history together will give the team both technical and practical advantages.

Williams and Jaguar worked together on the C-X75 hybrid roadcar project, which utilised the same lithium-ion battery and electric motor technology as in Formula E.

"It's all one team," said Rogers. "Williams are racing experts and that's their speciality, and we're specialists in a lot of this technology.

"It makes a really good partnership and our engineering team will be core to that.

"That [battery] technology is already within our knowledge base and we're pushing the boundaries.

"It is what we were pioneering on C-X75. We're effectively part of the [championship's] DNA."