Double points scrapped for 2015

The decision to award double points in Abu Dhabi this year provoked outrage amongst F1 fans and, whilst it didn???t influence the championship outcome, has been scrapped after just one season.

After successful trials after practice sessions in 2014, a Virtual Safety Car will be introduced next year. ???It will normally be used when double waved yellow flags are needed on any section of track and competitors or officials may be in danger, but the circumstances are not such as to warrant use of the Safety Car itself,??? the FIA confirmed.

There will also be changes to the Safety Car procedure itself, with the Safety Car now pitting once the last lapped car has passed, rather than waiting for lapped cars to catch the pack.

Following a Safety Car period the races will resume with a normal rolling start behind the leader after the standing starts proposal was rescinded.

A ten-second stop/go penalty which can be served before a pitstop is carried out will be introduced in 2015 after a similar five-second stop/go penalty worked successfully this year.

The replacement of an entire powerunit will no longer result in a pitlane start in 2015, instead penalties will be applied cumulatively for individual components of the power unit.

Grid penalties for powerunit components will no longer carry over to the following race if the entire penalty cannot be served. Time penalties being introduced instead, running on a sliding scale depending on the number places still to be served.

The minimum weight of the 2015 cars will also be increased slightly to 702kg without fuel, up from 701kg in 2014.

The FIA have also made revisions to the requirements to obtain a Super Licence which will take affect from 2016. The changes will mean drivers must be aged 18 or over and have completed at least two years in junior formulae.