Massa: Alonso needed a change

Fernando Alonso's former Ferrari team-mate Felipe Massa has spoken out about the Spaniards decision to leave for McLaren.

Massa was Alonso's co-driver at Ferrari from 2010 until 2013, and the Brazilian believes the decision to make the switch was the right one for the driver and the team.

Currently a Williams driver, Massa revealed he was not surprised by Alonso's decision.

He said: "Everybody knew he was going to leave Ferrari, so it wasn't exactly breaking news. 

"Maybe we saw that Ferrari didn't give him the best car that he expected, but maybe also he didn't help Ferrari to grow. So maybe now is the time for him to change."

Massa added: "If it is going to be any worse or better for Ferrari, I don't know.

"Fernando is perhaps the best driver on the grid, so we don't know if it will be enough for Ferrari to make the step forward [without him].

"We need to wait and see. But I just hope for the best for Ferrari, anyway."