Villeneuve’s advice to Vettel

Former world champion Jacques Villeneuve has advised Sebastian Vettel to be patient during his first season with Ferrari.

Villeneuve, who was the Formula One champion in 1997, believes four times world champion Vettel made the right decision to leave Red Bull saying the team had changed.

He was quoted by GP Update saying: "Vettel was no longer wanted by Red Bull. He was no longer considered the 'golden boy' and if he had won it would not have been because of Red Bull Racing, but because of Sebastian.

"Red Bull is not a family as he wants people to believe. It only has one interest: to sell a lot of drink cans and therefore the team was 'in love' with Daniel Ricciardo [his new team-mate].

"Vettel had no alternative but to leave Milton Keynes and he did well to switch because it was no longer the right climate for him.

"He arrives at Ferrari now at a time when the team is rebuilding. He will need a little patience in 2015, but the results will be seen in 2016.