Korean Grand Prix dropped

It has been confirmed that the Korean Grand Prix has officially been dropped from the 2015 racing calendar.

The FIA released the official racing calendar on their website, and as expected the Korean Grand Prix was absent.

The 2015 calendar will now have 20 races, starting with the Australian Grand Prix on 15 March 2015 and ending on 29 November 2015 with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The move was not unexpected, following comments from Bernie Ecclestone late last year.

Ecclestone revealed: "We have a contract with Korea so we have to put it on the calendar. If we hadn't they could have sued us. We let them off for a year on the understanding they would be back."

The race in Korea was poorly attended and organisers struggled to raise the funds, so it was dropped in 2014 after first appearing on the calendar in 2013.

The removal of the race means there will be a three week gap between races, between the Bahrain Grand Prix which takes place on 19 April 2015 and the Spanish Grand Prix on 10 May 2015.

Reports have stated that the Korean Grand Prix was only included as a way to allow teams to use five engines over the season, however, with the recently discovered loophole that allows for in-season engine development, that was no longer necessary.